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I Heard…

December 2, 2010

Random Thoughts On Being Creative

I read that if you take a moon bath and build a fort out of blankets, you can become an artist.

I have done some weird things in my life but taking a bath outside at night and hanging out in a pile of blankets are two of the many life experiences I have missed out on. The only thing that comes close  was the time I rode a skateboard down a hill and as I got to the bottom I realized there was no good way for me to stop. I was going to fast. It was one of the most awesome experiences of my life.

Also, you need to bless yourself.

I’m not sure what that means,  but when I used to sneeze and someone said, ” bless you ” my Grandma Ginger would look at me, snicker and say, ” It’s a nasty job, but somebody has to do it.”

Also, it was suggested that I do something creative like plant an impossible garden.

That sounded appealing, but whenever someone who knows me sees me outside with a shovel they’ll say, ” So Anita, do you think you’ll ever go back to working in a cemetery?”

Sometimes people will ask me where I get the ideas for my strange stories- for the most part they seem to enjoy hearing what I have to say. However, if I offer to tell someone who knows me where I get the ideas for  those same stories their eyes glaze over and they’ll say ” You made that up just to freak me out. I’m going to be staring at my ceiling tonight with the lights on. Thanks for that.”

I’ll be brutally honest. Knowing that I can keep people awake at night is pretty cool. I’d be lying  if I said different.

I don’t know if you can actually become an artist by following a map. But do you know what’s great about Maps?

You can draw or write all over them.

May I recommend glitter pens that smell like watermelons?


You are welcome.

One More Thing…

I would love to go to Mars

 The best food in the world  is Kentucky Fried Chicken

Happiness is  cotton candy flavored ice cream

When I cry  I do not want feel bad about it

I love the snow and darkness

I need to laugh at least once an hour

Best in the world I like to sing

I wish I were more serious

I get really mad when Spring arrives


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Me, A Doll and Things That Explode ( a Christmas story )

December 1, 2010


When I was little, I would walk up to my Mom and say:

” Guess what I want for Christmas.”

My Mom would roll her eyes  back up into her head and she would say ” I’d rather not.”

” Go on, guess! “

” No.” she would say firmly.

” Why won’t you guess?”

” It’s no fun because all you ever ask for are things without heads or eyes.”

” Not this year.” I said once.

“Oh boy. Gee. That’s a surprise. What do you want this year?”

” A doll.”

” I have a sneaky feeling you aren’t going to ask for a Barbie Doll. “

 ” Nope.  I want a Crissy Doll.”

My Mom looked stunned. ” You want the doll with the hair that grows?”

Crissy Doll circa 1969

 ” Yeah. I want her.”

” Why.” My Mom demanded.

” Because her hair grows. “

” Uh- huh.” My Mom said waiting for the proverbial shoe to fall from the sky where it was bound to defy the laws of physics and land right between her eyes.

 ” Yeah, I want a Crissy Doll. See, you grab her  by the top hair on the top of her head,  and you yank-” I demonstrated with a vicious twist and snap of my wrist ” like this  and her hair grows.”

” No. ” My Mom said. ” No way. Ask Santa for that Gilbert Chemistry Lab you spent all summer nagging me for.”

” You said Santa wouldn’t bring me anything that I could make explode.”

” Ask for the Lab. I mean it.”

I watched my Mom walk away. ” Mom, I really, really want that doll.” I cried after her. I think that as she rounded the corner and looked back at me I fell to my knees with my hands clasped in front of me and there were probably tears rolling down my cheeks.

I waited for my Mom to go out to the kitchen and then I jumped up and danced all the way down the hall to my bedroom to admire the empty space on my desk where almost a week before  I decided my new Science Lab would go. 

Inspired By The SFC Prompt:

Chocolate Box Notebook: Exploring the Brave New World of Childhood


A Long Time Ago

September 18, 2010

Photo: Anncam

Down on Linden Drive miles away from Rainbow Beach


The Gardiners House.

The Gardiners House was the first house to be in abandoned Rainbow Beach, though at the time nobody had any idea that all of the problems that ended the small resort town started in Lettie Gardiner’s attic.

Nobody knows that as people disappeared one by one from The Bow the last thing they saw was Lettie Gardiner out of the corner of their eye and that Lettie was dressed from head to toe in black.

Something that started in Lettie’s Gardiner’s attic ended  Rainbow Beach and it ended badly for the people who lived there.

But if you want to visit the Beach go right on ahead and visit-

whatever happened there happened

A Long Time Ago

and I am very sure that nothing lives there anymore.



Last Time I Saw Rainbow Beach

September 12, 2010


There is this place where I would go to write.

It was full of ghosts and pirates and beaches.

By the way:

The beaches were great and so were the Margaritas and the jokes.

I went back a little while ago and the town is abandoned.

I mean it is


So I go into this Soda Fountain (which was empty of course ) and I pull out my notebook and I started to write because that’s what I do when I have five minutes to myself.

And as I am writing it dawns on me I am all alone in this empty town and nobody knows where I am.

Not a Soul.

And then from behind me I heard a chair being pulled across the floor and I hear  somebody clearing their throat and as I tur-



September 10, 2010

According to this other blog I visited   

today is

 Be Kind To Your Muse Day.


I don’t think so.


Well, That Was Interesting

August 21, 2010

I was at this meeting and the people around me were saying very impressive things- I mean they are articulate and bright and inspiring and out of nowhere I got this craving for those white chocolate peppermint kisses that Hershey’s puts out at Christmas.



So as we move from topic to topic- my and friends are taking the Gold for Mental Gymnastics I hit the power button on my computer, I go to the church of Google I type in two words and find this:



You know, one of these days I guess I’ll have something important to say at these meetings.



Comic: Natalie Dee


Until then I’ll just be sitting over here- having fun- all by myself






Blame It On Mega Bee

August 9, 2010

Believe it or not

I actually take my writing very seriously.

I work at it, I enjoy it,

writing is not a big part of my life

it is my life.

That is until Mega Bee came along,

Mega Bee swarmed into my life and took it over.

All I do, day and night is wait for Mega Bee to do it’s Mega Bee Evil on me and fly off.

I thought I could fight Mega Bee Off.

But I could not.

The horrible thing about Mega Bee is that it doesn’t always take the form of a Mega Bee, sometimes it takes the form of a Mega Pain and guess where it seems to strike without fail?

You got it Hombre.