101 Nights = Soul Food

The Soul Food Cafe has evolved over a ten year period to become an amazing collective of international writers and artists.

Nothing happens by chance. It was born as a result of the Trains of Thought of the creator, Heather Blakey and has grown because of the creative people who responded to the call, who stumbled through the doors to feast upon the food for the soul that she served up. Many of them stayed, inhabiting the place for many more than 101 nights and, in so doing, helped to make it what it is today.

This blog tells their stories and the story of Soul  Food.

For more of the story of Soul Food take the time to wander its halls with Heather Blakey


“Alice is bored sitting on the riverbank with her sister, who is reading a book. Suddenly she sees a white rabbit, wearing a coat and carrying a watch, run past, lamenting running late. She follows it down a rabbit hole and falls very slowly down a tunnel lined with curious objects. She lands in a long hallway lined with locked doors. She finds a little key sitting on a glass table. Behind a curtain on the wall she finds a tiny door that opens with the key and leads into a beautiful garden. The door however is too small for Alice to fit through. ”

When Alice followed the rabbit down the hole into Wonderland she found a fantasy world populated by peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures.

Many people who come to the Soul Food Cafe, despite efforts to provide directories, never do see the little key sitting upon the glass table. Perhaps it is because someone else has forgotten to return it. Whatever! If you choose to follow me through the door that leads into the vast halls and vaults of Soul Food you will gain insight into the depth and breadth of this quirky cyber cafe and you will be sure to be enchanted all over again. While you are roaming the halls it is possible that you will meet tan Enchantress, more than one white rabbit and even travel on a talking donkey.

The Soul Food Cafe was built on the premise of making writing a daily practice. Perhaps you might want to make it a daily practice to visit a link and complete an activity.

Maybe you will keep a journal so that others can follow your footsteps.

Keep returning to this page to find links to a guided tour of the Soul Food Cafe. Use the comment tool to offer feedback and encouragement for others and to ask any questions.

Each time you click a link make sure to keep a record so that you remember where you have been.

Get yourself a notebook – any kind of notebook and join in the fun. Take a tour, today, with someone as mad as a hatter and bring joy into your life. Preserving your work is important. Make it a practice, every day, to add a new page of stuff to your journal and then, if you feel so inclined, blog and share your work with others. You will find ideas of what to do on your pages in each of the posts below.

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